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Start the review process and build your list using the Contacts page

You can kick off the review process for your customers and even build your SMS and emails list using the Contacts page.  We give you multiple ways to add this information to the Review Dynamo database.  

  1. Add a contact using the popup form
  2. Import contacts using a simple CSV (comma-separated values) file
  3. Grab a link where you can post a URL that points to a form like (1).  You could even create a QR code to point to this form that gathers their information.
  4. Add contact information using a webhook (advanced but not difficult)

Once the contact is added, you can manually invite them to review by email (5) or SMS (6).  You will see when they are invited in the status column (7).

Remember, you can automatically invite customers to review when configured on the Get Reviews page (Auto invite).